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We are a firm that does part consultant projects and part develop our own system towards the industry.

We are specializing towards the manufacturing industry. Here we have devloped industrial processes and management systems for our customers. It is our mission to excel the customers expectations and that is what also drives us. We like when it is functional, easy to use and understand with yet rewarding results. We are also developing a system of our own that has yet not been released.

If you ahve any questions feel free to contact us and we gladly answer what we can.

Our lead words


It must be easy and fast to use.


It must generate good results.


It should be pleasant to look at.


It is functional and smart desgined.


It is appreciated by employees and project buyer.


It is considered proifable and worth the expense.

Project examples

Some different external project we have done for customers. Where it is needed we do simple hardware and some software so that we get correct data. Often we will display the results in Excel documents so that our customers can easily change things if they want to. Also this makes the result pleasing to look at at the same time the project goes faster with same results.


Quality system.

Vi devloped for this customer a quality system. The machines, opeators and quality inspections reports to the system which presents the results in various excel documents. We designed the entire system from ruotines to reports for leadership.


Production economy

We designed the system where most data comes from the macines and some from the personel. The data is aggregated and then presented in various excel documents for easy and flexible overview.


Sales statistics and forecast

Data is extracted and analyzed to be presented in excel documents for flexibility and good overview graphics. The system forecast next propably sales and the data is used for production planing and inventory planing.


Free current positions.

Intern - Front end developer

About the job We are devoping a software to handle events that occurs in business. Especially in the manufacturing industry and construction. We are now moving from the design face to development of the software.

The assignments As one of the first developer you will lay the foundation of the software and develope the front end for both Android and IPhone. We are developing through phonegap so Java, AngularJs is prefered.


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